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Micron Technology, Inc. is an American producer of computer memory and computer data storage including dynamic random-access memory, flash memory, and USB flash drives. It is headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Its consumer products are marketed under the brands Crucial.

Nick P. took to SiteJabber to post the following review:

I ordered on 11/28. Should have been delivered on 12/9. Customer service is horrendous. Sindhura the support rep was useless. Just told me to refuse the order. I told her that that never works 99% of the time they just leave it in the mailbox. My client is p*ssed off that it hasn't come in on time. I asked them to pay for return shipping as I now I do not need it as they delivered to late, she told me "they don't do that". They obviously don't do a lot of things right. Never using them again!

Another unsatisfied customer, Kristy A. wrote the following in a review:

Ordered two different RAM kits with 'no rush' shipping because my past experience with their free shipping has always been pleasant. 45 days later I see on the tracking it's been delivered the wrong zip code in another state. I immediately contact customer service who tell me I have to wait at least 9 business days for my order to arrive before they are willing to look into the situation. So on the 10th day, when nothing had come, I contacted them again. They told me that the tracking showed it being delivered a week ago. Finally after a bit of a fight they agreed to resend my order. When it finally arrived several days later, it was the wrong stuff. I had to contact them again to get it corrected. It took 4 weeks start to finish and hours of my time dealing with their incompetent and apathetic customer "service" team to finally get what I ordered. Crucial doesn't care about their customers satisfaction and neither me nor the rest of my IT team will be ordering from them in the future.


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EVERYTHING! (Former Employee) says

"Recruiters lie and say we close at 7pm during the week and 4pm on the weekend (they say you may occasionally have to stay late). Nope. That’s a lie. Those doors stay open until 7pm and people do walk in there at 6:59pm with their 2-week history of chest pain or abdominal pain. There have many nights the staff stays until 9pm, 10pm, etc. Cons: Short staff, poor benefits, never leave on time, management doesn't know what they are doing."

CT/X-Ray Technologist (Current Employee) says

"They are misleading in their job offer. You don’t get to work 40 hours per week. You don’t get over time, and you only get around 36-37. The lead tech is abusive, disrespectful and takes advantage of the techs he “supervises”. He is lazy for example, when the patient volume is high, he will hide in the accounting office or use the I have to leave excuses and you get stuck doing 40 to 50 patients by yourself. He hates doing work and is not a team player and has stated that he took the lead tech job so he would not have to work. When he has to stay till closing, he will leave early and you end up getting stuck not only doing all the work but closing as well. So, you don’t get to leave at 7:00pm. This lead tech loves to gossip, make fun of and belittle everyone in the clinic and he enjoys stepping on others in order to further himself. He also brown noses management. So no matter what you say, you will be taken advantage of and nothing will change. The place has a revolving door. What I mean is, as soon as someone gets hired, it’s as soon as they quit and leave the place. Don’t waste your time here. Cons: Going home"

Laboratory (Former Employee) says

"* you won't be able to sit and take your lunch break Cons: Salary"

RN (Former Employee) says

"Overall I did enjoy this place. However, watch yourself. Management will write you up and you won’t even know. Then fire you for no reason, or a made up one. Out of date equipment, no one trains you properly, paper charting, very confusing environment. Management has anger issues, has threaten to fire staff on a daily basis. Cons: Unstable management"

Simon Brookes says

"I should have come here first. Please no one buy from this company. As everyone else has mentioned the web site said plenty in stock but after they had my money stocks were out. I ordered a 1Tb SSD. weeks latter it did turn up, but would not work. I got no help from their web site support so it ended up in the bin. Better to lose £100 than spend months of my life on the phone trying to get my money back. Hope they get shut down soon to stop more people falling into the same trap."

Pernell Babineaux says

"I will never spend another red cent with ever again. Placed my order, 10 days had passed never got any correspondence from them. On the webchat, I found out the memory was out of stock. They hadn't sent me an email, or anything notifying me the product wasn't in stock. First of all they shouldn't be selling something that's out of stock. Then it took them 2 days to cancel my order, and claim another 5 to 7 business days to refund my money. Once my order was cancelled with them I ordered Crucial memory from Amazon and received my order in 48 hours. I advise anyone thinking of using to order their products; DON'T!"

Michael Duignan says

"I've used Crucial for years, but never again. Ordered SSD on 21st December with stock levels showing 750 units. Informed on 22nd that they were out of stock and my order would be delayed. Went back onto site and could place another order as stock levels were above 700. My payment was reversed on my card on 28th December. I was notified on 4th January that item had shipped and payment was taken from my card. I was supplied a tracking number for UPS. 5th January - Shipper created a label. UPS did not have package yet. 6th Jan - Origin scan - UPS have it and it is coming from Czechia 6th Jan - Your package may be delayed 7th Jan - Your package is being processed at the clearance agency 9th Jan - Your package is being processed at the clearance agency. The service really is pathetic. I don't know what's happened to Crucial but it doesn't look good and I now wish I'd checked out these reviews before purchasing. I guess I was going on my previous experience."

leesimms says

"Very slow delivery. Terrible customer service. My order never came after weeks of waiting but they didn't apologise and still wanted me to wait 7 days for a refund. I am preparing to make a court claim for my loss."

Shawn says

"Useful website but won't ever buy anything again. Long delivery times, very poor courier updates, awful amateur customer services. No apologies. I would never have ordered item if it had been made clear it was coming from the Netherlands. Very poor buyer experience."

Giorgio says

"the worst ecommerce never seen, I requested the cancellation of the order because after 2 weeks the order does not delivered, they denied my request of cancellation because "the order is in the shipment team ready"...after 2 days my order is still not delivered. I tried to contact the support many times (chat and email) but it seems that the agents don't have any information and they are more confused than me. Never again"

Zaihan says

"I ordered in Dec 10, 2020 and after a month (in 2021 now), my product that is supposed to arrive in 10-15 days is still nowhere to be seen. Customer support issued a refund for the shipping this morning since it is taking so long, but the refund is still nowhere to be seen... I thought this was a trusted company."

John Smith says

"Ordered 28th November, email out of stock, 8th December lost by UPS. Reported to Crucial, said will refund a in a few days, no refund, escalated to Paypal, Crucial threatened that if I did not close Paypal case they would not refund!! Repeatedly refuse to refund. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM."

B f says

"Ordered an "in stock" item the 24th of December. Up until the 29th the order was still processing so I talked to an online chat agent and was told the item wasn't even in stock. So, an item on their website shown as available, actually wasn't. I read reviews after my purchase and seen a lot of what I just went through. I'm sure for some this hasn't been an issue but to have payed for express shipping and still be waiting 5 days after purchase is not express at all. Definitely will not shop with this website any longer due to false claims of availability. This is in the USA at that."

Tee Cee says

"Placed an order on the website for items clearly shown as in stock. Got an email the next day to say it wasn’t in stock. Cancelled order - cancellation accepted with promise of refund. Two weeks later I get an email saying my order has been shipped. Contacted customer support who told me the cancellation did not go through as inventory had already been allocated at the time of the cancellation (nonsense). Was told the order would be requested for return direct from the shipping partner. Next day I get an email from UPS saying my order is on its way. Contact customer services and told that I would have to request a return after it arrives or refuse delivery. What a complete and utter shambles. I’ve never dealt with such poor customer service.... AVOID."

Rick Phillips says

"AVOID. Absolutely awful returns service. I returned an item as per their returns process but have waited 4 months for the money to be repaid. Customer services just say they will report the issue, or “we will investigate”, every time I contact them. I eventually asked them to return the product I have paid for, but still no response. Terrible service and not returning money when I’ve returned the product is equivalent to theft."

Linda Gummow says

"I wish I had come here before. Do not buy from this company. DO NOT. First, their program doesn't read your machine correctly, so they suggest the wrong memory. Second their technical support can't answer questions as promised. Third, their chat system is impossible and slow. Fourth, their return policy is crap. Fifth, their help staff has heavy accents and no technical understanding of the product. Don't waste your money."

Kevin Brenton says

"Terrible experience - prices wrong, ship wrong products. Don't do what they say they're going to. No interest in sorting it out - customer service won't do anything and couldn't care less."

Conrad Winchester says

"Terrible Deceitful Order Process - No Way to Cancel Ordered an item and tried to cancel the order 20 minutes later. Was told I could not cancel it as it was too late and it was about to be shipped (!!). One day later it still had not shipped. In the morning of the day after I was initially told by live chat that it had shipped, but then they admitted later on in the same chat that it hadn't, or at least that they did not know. I had received no order update emails about it shipping or tracking numbers. In that whole day they were unable to cancel the order, nor provide me with any reason why they could not. I have no trust with this company - this is a terrible system."

Steve says

"As an I.T professional, I have used Crucial many times over the years and never had an issue. Whilst I appreciate we are in Covid times and things are a little messed up, I feel Crucial have let their standards drop dramatically. Twice this year, I have placed orders with them professionally and both times they stated they had stock and then the orders never arrived. When chasing, they kept saying the order was on its way. It wasn't, they didnt have stock. I recently placed an order personally and chose a product they clearly showed as in stock and the very next day, I got an email saying it will be 7-10 working days as they don't have stock. Apparently their website doesnt track actual stock, or so I was told. What a shambles of a company if thats the case. I asked if there was an alternative product to switch to and was told they can't switch products. I cancelled and went elsewhere and I doubt I will be returning, professionally or personally."

Duncan Hamilton says

"Ordered RAM 2 weeks ago (in stock). Tracking info says sitting in warehouse for many days. No update. Not received. Customer service wouldn’t resolve this issue and told me to wait. Cancelled order."

dan says

"I’ve never had a problem with Crucial until my last purchase. It was not a quality issue. It was with customer service. I received an email from Crucial saying that my product was not in stock. Not a big deal. But the email said to contact them if I had any questions about the availability of an alternate product. Which I did. Their response was, “As soon as the product is available we will ship your order. We cannot make any change in original order.” Really? Then why offer me an option of selecting an alternate product if the original order cannot be changed? How annoying."

Rob Foster says

"Ordered item and waited 3 weeks, no delivery. I can see from many other reviews, this is a major problem with Crucial and would recommend shopping elsewhere if you are in UK. Refund is being issued but live chat closed the chat before I could ask any details on when."

morty gee says

"Nothing wrong with their products. Had a very reliable MX500 worked hard for 3 years and the memory module I ordered works without issue and the price was low but 18 days delivery, even when free, is unacceptable. My module shipped from Germany to Netherlands to me. Not a wait I'd want to repeat so future crucial products will be ordered from Amazon."

Rjn21 says

"This review is in respect of the UK flagged part of the website. I had used Crucial before with no problems, so went back without checking their reviews. Their logistics operation is now a mess, handled through Germany / the Netherlands, not tracked properly, not packed properly and very slow. I ordered an “in stock” item on 20 November 2020. I received a dispatch email on 23 November 2020. The RAM was actually dispatched on 26 November 2020, apparently from Cologne in Germany but using Post NL, a Dutch courier. All tracking then stopped. It arrived via Royal Mail on 07 December in a very thinly, just about, “padded” envelope. The RAM does work, however the delivery timetable is unacceptable. As of 01 Jan 2021, UK recipients will need to pay VAT and duty on such EU originated packages due to Brexit. I’ll switch back to Amazon or the plethora of other U.K. based suppliers."

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